Land Use Plan

The Doña Ana Soil and Water Conservation District (DASWCD or District) Land Use Plan (Plan) is an executable policy for natural resource management and land use on the lands within the District and provides a scientifically and culturally sound framework for resource planning objectives. It is a dynamic plan that will be refined as is warranted.

The Plan is designed to: (1) provide protection for the soil and water resources within the District, (2) facilitate federal agency efforts to seamlessly coordinate joint efforts between federal, state, and county land use decisions, and (3) provide strategies and policies for enhancing the preservation, improvement, and management of these resources.

This Plan is not intended to regulate, zone or otherwise reduce private property rights, in as much as this Plan seeks to protect private property rights. Where private property such as water rights, rights-of-way, easements, forage rights, mineral rights, and other property occur within lands administered by federal and state agencies, the Plan may prompt decisions that indirectly affect property rights. This Plan has been developed, in part, because regulatory decisions that diminish the value of private property or deprive citizens of access to natural resources can have substantial impact on the economy of the community and those elements that shape the community’s custom and culture.

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Dona Ana Soil and Water Conservation Land Use Plan
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